Challenges Students Face in Physical Education

Physical education is an important part of the school curriculum and not just a chance to play games or goof off. PE helps students master control over their bodies, boost their body image and improve their balance and coordination. Furthermore, PE can also help students understand the rules of play for individual sports. Students who take PE classes usually face physical, emotional as well as intellectual challenges. Teachers should always take these into consideration whenever they are developing the Lesson Plan for PE classes.

1. Physical Challenges

During PE classes, students may be required to take physical fitness that requires them to jump, run and engage in other exercises that require endurance and strength. They may also face challenges when competing with other stronger, more physically fit and larger students in games such as soccer, basketball and tennis. Furthermore, students may also be required to improve their performance either in a physical fitness test or a sport.

2. Emotional Challenges

Some students dread PE classes mainly because of the vulnerability they tend to face. For example, some may not be comfortable changing their clothes in front of their peers. This can be difficult even for those students who are confident. This is because students may face ridicule from their peers for their physical performance or their bodies. Boys on the other hand are expected to perform in a sport and if they don’t perform as expected, their confidence and popularity may suffer.

3. Intellectual Challenges

PE classes are not just about games and sports. These classes always incorporate health and fitness and may even test on the knowledge of the students. Students may have to demonstrate their ability to describe several exercises, memorize the caloric content of protein and fat, make recommendations for developing a healthier lifestyle or develop exercise and diet plans. This knowledge not only requires the students to learn fast but also synthesize the information given and apply them in their lives and that of their families.

Having a good Lesson Plan for PE will enable the PE teachers to plan accordingly on how to manage or solve these challenges that their students face daily.